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Classic Rock Bands Wiki – What Makes Them Classic Rock?

Classic Rock Bands

To understand what is a classic rock band is to ask yourself what is classic rock?

I’m sure everyone will have their own classic rock definition opinion and musical time line of when certain musical events occurred so what I’m going to present is my version of what classic rock is and who are the classic rock bands associated with it.

Classic Rock is a genre of music that combines a rock sound that is heavy on guitars with a particular time period.

I believe the classic rock era begin in the early 60’s with classic rock bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks & The Who – all British Rock Bands.

I feel the classic rock music era ended in the early 1980’s – pretty much at the end of 1982.

After this time period the modern pop music sound that you hear today began to take shape along with the rise of rap music. Synthesizers and drum machines began to take over popular music and all of a sudden all the classic rock bands that were still playing began to sound watered down and robotic – guitars suddenly seemed un-hip and were buried in the background. The heavy distorted rock guitar riffs that we grew up with seemed dead and laid to rest. Maybe it died when Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980 due to drummer John Bonham’s death.

Classic Rock should stand apart from other rock genres like glam rock, punk rock, alternative, 80’s hair metal, and 90’s grunge rock. We also should not lump bands that sometimes mimic the classic rock sound. Just as classic rock radio stations don’t agree on what exact time period encompasses classic rock, there isn’t a hard and fast dictionary definition for us to apply. The more you listen to it, learn about it, and discuss it with others, you’ll eventually be able to know it when you hear it.

Keep On Rocking!
– Classic Rock Bands

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